Phil Hartman

“My wife and daughters understand what I need and support me, which in turn helps me do the same for the families I help.”

Phil Hartman

Oconomowoc & Mukwonago

By all accounts, Phil is an avid outdoorsman. Those closest to him can even tell the time of year by what he’s wearing. This outfit says “late December,” marking the end of deer bow hunting season. When Phil heads to Eagle River to camp out and bow hunt to his heart’s content, or his toes get too cold! It’s such a passion that even one of his daughters has the bug. But Phil confesses, as the only man in the family, he likes to escape some “man time.” Phil and his family live in Oconomowoc, and he’s been with Schmidt & Bartelt since earning his degree in Mortuary Science from MATC in 1990.

O (262) 567-4459 / M (262) 363-7126

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