Michelle Myles

“My travels have put me at ease meeting new people, which better serves me as a director.”

Michelle Myles

Menomonee Falls

When Michelle travels, she goes all out. Her bag is from Spain. Her watch is from France. And let’s just say that her Passport is so loaded down with stamps from places she’s been, it almost needs to be checked as baggage! Seriously, though, Michelle loves experiencing new places and new people. She’s someone who’ll spend the first night in a hotel, then venture out the next day to find a hidden gem to stay in that you won’t find in the travel brochures. She earned her Mortuary Science degree from MATC and has had plenty of influence from her own family as a fourth-generation funeral director. Michelle joined Schmidt & Bartelt in 1998, and lives with her husband in Milwaukee.

(414) 774-5010

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