Cremation is an option that offers you many of the same service options as traditional burial. Your choices range from direct cremation with no viewing, visitation or religious rites to a full service funeral, which may include a public or private wake, a religious service followed by cremation.

Consistent with a traditional funeral,

cremation services

may be personalized in many of the same ways. Personal items can be displayed during the visitation, as well as personalizing the urn itself. We would be happy to discuss any special request or ideas you have to make the any service more meaningful.

There are four main options once you’ve chosen cremation:

  • Cremation following a traditional service, which may include viewing
  • Cremation following a viewing only
  • Cremation preceding or following a memorial service or reception
  • Cremation when a decision has been made not to have services

Options for the remains include:

  • In-ground burial
  • Placed in a columbarium niche
  • Memorialized
  • Scattered
  • Divided among family members and/or portioned and handled in any combination of ways discussed above.

When remains are scattered, many people choose to have a non-traditional ceremony in memory of the deceased as part of the scattering process. Your only limitation is your imagination.

When selecting a funeral home or cemetery you may wish to base your selection on the willingness and ability of the staff to explain all your options. This is particularly true when cremation has been selected, as some firms specialize in very limited areas of the cremation process, such as only picking up the remains and doing the cremation, and will find it difficult to support you in all of your needs.

“Cremation offers many of the same personalized memorial service options as traditional burials.”

Angela Silva