For nearly 125 years, our family has had the unique privilege of helping families through one of the most, if not the most, emotional and difficult times they will ever experience. Being in that position is not only a privilege, it is an honor.

From one generation to the next—from one family to another—we share in the deep sorrow and profound sense of loss. But to a family, we are heartened by their collective faith, strength and come togetherness. It underscores the inherent bonds of family—and community—while inspiring each of us as funeral directors to provide the greatest care and support available in funeral services throughout the greater Milwaukee area.

Through the years, this has been our family’s pledge, and it is a commitment and legacy we continue today.

A family commitment born in 1887.

Founded in 1887 by Steve and Bob’s great grandfather, August A. Schmidt, the business has passed from one generation to the next, growing and expanding along the way. The following is a brief chronological overview of such events.


Along the time August A. Schmidt was opening the doors to his family-owned funeral parlor.


Louis F. Bartelt forms partnership with John G. Schmidt to form Schmidt & Bartelt Funeral Home located at 1415 W. Vliet Street in Milwaukee.


Willmer G. Schmidt, son of A. A. Schmidt, joins the Schmidt & Bartelt partnership and the operation relocates to 5050 W. Vliet Street in Milwaukee.


Schmidt & Bartelt merges with Charles Gerber Funeral Home located at 10121 W. North Avenue in Wauwatosa, where operations continue today in an updated, modern facility.


Schmidt & Bartelt purchases O’Boyle-O’Brien Lakeshore Funeral Home at 106 W. Silver Spring Drive in Whitefish Bay.


Schmidt & Bartelt in conjunction with its affiliate A. A. Schmidt & Sons of Menomonee Falls breaks ground at the corner of Hwy 164 and W to serve the community of Sussex with a brand new facility.


Schmidt & Bartelt merges with Guardalabene & Amato Funeral Home located at 2001 N. Holton Street in Milwaukee and continues


Schmidt & Bartelt merges with Notbohm Funeral Home and Kreutzmann Funeral Homes of Oconomowoc where service continues today as Schmidt & Bartelt–Notbohm–Kreutzmann Funeral Service at 121 S. Cross Street.


Schmidt & Bartelt purchases Philip J. Weiss Funeral Home located at 10280 N. Port Washington Road in Mequon.


Schmidt & Bartelt acquires Van Valin Funeral Home at 315 Main Street in Mukwonago.


Schmidt & Bartelt completes construction of a new funeral home and crematory in Menomonee Falls and opens operations at the corner of Town Hall and Menomonee Avenue.


Schmidt & Bartelt consolidates its Whitefish Bay location with its newly remodeled and expanded Mequon facility on Port Washington Road. Schmidt & Bartelt breaks ground in Mukwonago for a new, state-of-the-art funeral home and crematory.

“As fourth-generation funeral directors, we have family obligations. Namely, seeing to your family’s every wish.”