The role

funeral services

play in our everyday society is an important one. First, they provide for the dignified and respectful care of those who have died. They are a tribute to a unique life lived. Equally important, a funeral service helps survivors come to terms with the reality of death—the first step toward overcoming grief. It provides the setting for close friends and relatives to come together and lend their support and consolation at the time it is needed most.

In addition, a funeral gives everyone an opportunity to express their love and respect for someone who was important to them. Many times, just seeing how much others cared for that person is a tremendous help to families adjusting to their loss.

Funerals, however, are not only a time for tears. But laughter and smiles, too, as it is a time to remember and celebrate the life of the one they loved. Personalizing a funeral service is a wonderful way to reflect the life of the deceased while, at the same time, be of comfort to both family and friends. It makes each service unique and encourages participation, stirring emotions positively.

Examples of personalization range from collecting photographs for a collage and displaying beloved objects during visitation or services to playing one’s favorite music during the service and holding a luncheon at their favorite restaurant. Many of the caskets we offer can be personalized to reflect someone’s hobbies, religious devotion or military service. Whatever is best for you is what we recommend, and together we will add more meaning to the service.

“It’s easier to talk to someone
when you know more about them.”

Bob Schmidt