Funeral directors are in a unique position to help you through some of the most difficult times you will ever experience in life. Funeral directors provide focus and clarity in the time of emotional stress and chaos. In short, a funeral director is the facilitator and organizer during your hour of greatest need. Depending on

where death occurs

and under what circumstances, the following will help you understand what you should do.

When death occurs in an institution.
When the death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff should take care of all the necessary legal steps. You need only to notify the medical staff that Schmidt & Bartelt will be handling funeral arrangements, and they will have you sign any necessary release forms.

When death is anticipated at home.
Today, more terminally ill people are electing to die at home under hospice care. In this situation, you need only to notify Hospice that Schmidt & Bartelt will be handling arrangements, so they can take care of all the necessary legal requirements. Many times when someone is terminally ill, prearrangements are often made so you are not overwhelmed with the many important decisions that would otherwise need to be made at the time of death.

When death occurs unexpectedly at home or elsewhere.
If someone suddenly passes, immediately call 911. Police and emergency medical personnel will determine appropriate next steps. Often times, police can release the bodily remains directly to our funeral home. In some instances, however, the body might need to go to the Medical Examiner's office so the cause of death can first be determined.

When death occurs out of state.
If the death occurs outside of Wisconsin, Schmidt & Bartelt can make arrangements for the bodily remains to be transported back home. No matter where death occurs or where a funeral will take place, we’ll take care of it. Simply contact us with the necessary details.

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“Grandma was ready to go, and that made us all feel that
it was okay for us to let her go.”

Steve Pierre