Steve Pierre

“Spending time with family gives me a great feeling of joy and satisfaction, and it carries over into my work life.”

Steve Pierre

Menomonee Falls & Sussex

A smile like Steve wears is not available in stores. It only comes from taking your family to Disneyworld every chance you get. That’s the wonderful world of Steve’s family. If it’s not Disneyworld, it’s Big Cedar Lake near their home in West Bend. Quality family time is quality wherever you spend it. Steve is a big fan of Wisconsin sports teams, but then there is this fact. He’s a huge Penn State and North Carolina fan. The simple answer is they were great teams when he was growing up in Sussex and blue is his favorite color. Steve earned his degree in Mortuary Science and has been with, and has been with Schmidt & Bartelt since 1997.

MF (262) 251-3630 / S (262) 246-4774

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