Funeral directors are the first to admit that what we do for a living is not for everyone. There are those who even wonder what leads someone to choosing this line of work. But the truth is, what we do for a living is for everyone. It is for adult children who’ve lost their parents. It is for wives who’ve lost their husband of fifty plus years. It is for neighbors who’ve lost a nephew unexpectedly. What we do is for everyone. Including ourselves as funeral directors because we too have felt the intense sorrow and emotional stress of losing someone close. And it is through these deeply personal and difficult experiences we can help make coping with your own loss easier. We know life does get better. The sun does rise the next day. And you can be confident family, friends and yes, even our funeral directors, will be there for you every step of the way. This not only is what we do for a living—but what we do for the living.

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Steve Schmidt