Anne Pinter
August 17, 1959 - January 6, 2022

Heaven changed forever on January 6, 2022 at 9:40 am, when Anne Marie Pinter arrived and asked matter-of-factly, “Why is this succulent in a north-facing window?” 

Anne was born in the summer of 1959 to William and Millie McDonald.  1959 was when the electric drip-brew coffeemaker was patented. The consummate event planner and perfectionist, Anne synced her birthdate to the mass production of coffee, her beloved beverage. Anne showed intention in every moment, from the determined snip of the scissors, to the properly loaded dishwasher, to the meticulously wrapped soul sharing gifts.  Anne demonstrated true strength and integrity; she knew her true north and was unapologetically honest. Anne chose a sober life on April fool's day in 1989; she loved the irony. She shared her journey with her life partner, George Lottermoser, who charmed her with his opening line, "Do you feel as sad as you look?" Together, they raised children, made a home, challenged ideals, and lived authentically. His photos capture the ethereal motherly essence that is Anne. 

Anne was a barber. But really, she was a therapist, a friend, and a confidant. After 3 decades at George Jelich's Barber Shop, Anne accomplished a lifelong dream in 2020 when she opened her own one-man barber shop, “Barberannes”.  She created a space inspired by her grace. Her bohemian earthy timeless style flowed and attracted a wealth of loyal dear patrons that will mourn the loss of Anne's wisdom, kindness, generosity, and friendship.

Anne was a sister. She may not have been the oldest, but she was in charge. Marathon phone counseling sessions filled with laughter and advice were Anne's specialty. She was a mother and best friend to her baby sister Teri McDonald, the only one deemed worthy of the high-pressure role, "party prepper" to help Anne with family event planning. Anne inspired, challenged, and loved her eldest sister, Cindy Morrison. Anne reminded Cindy to slow down and cherish the details.  Anne shared her speed punching bag abilities and pure laughter with her only brother, Bob McDonald.  Bob’s wife Linda McDonald became a third sister and lifelong friend.

Above all, Ann's most cherished and life affirming role was that of being a mother. She poured all her love and light into her children, and it was reflected back to her. She was their rock, and they were her opus. She will remain their guiding light as they follow in her footprints. She shared her home with her daughter Erin Pinter and granddaughter Elsie. Much like the dreads Erin wore for years, Erin and Anne were intricately woven together. Erin now walks forward with a roadmap of a mother's purpose. Anne was simply everything to Tyler Pinter, her youngest son. She held Tyler’s hand in his journey through temperance, sobriety, achieving journeyman lineman, navigating broken hearts, and becoming a father.  Anne deeply loved Tyler’s wife, Brianna Pinter. Anne's strength and wild Irish spirit lives on in her eldest son, Captain Josh Pinter McDonald.  Anne was the guiding light for Josh navigating broken hearts, achieving Journeyman Operating Engineer, and becoming a father.  She was his inspiration in starting North Star Fishing Charters in Florida where he currently lives.

Anne’s children bestowed upon her the cherished gift of becoming "Nana". The images captured of Anne with her grandchildren proved beyond a shadow of a doubt; the woman was born to be a mother.  All children were blanketed in Nana's love.  Her legacy lives on in Cassidy, Caidence, Jace, Elsie, Mikayla, Brooklyn and Kylee.

Towards Anne's final days in her battle with cancer, she signed off as "Mom" on her text messages to one and all because that’s who she was. It was her essence. And it was the role of a lifetime.

Visitation, Memorial and Celebration of Life will be held on January 20th 2022 at Terrace 167, 3210 HWY 167, Richfield WI 53076. 

1PM-3PM Visitation

3:15PM – 4:15PM Memorial Service

4:15PM – 6PM Celebration of life. 

In lieu of flowers, the family has set up a GoFundMe to help with medical costs.