Ronald Elwin Day
January 4, 1947 - May 18, 2022

Ron's life was filled with humor and activity provided by friends, family and acquaintances who surrounded him with energy. He had an unending sense of adventure, and a competitive nature that helped him succeed though his continuum of life.

He completed a M.S. degree in School Psychology-UW Milwaukee, 1972, B.A degree Psychology Stout State University, 1969. Ron was inducted into the Stout Hall of Fame 1987, for his compelling skills in gymnastics.

He was employed as a School Psychologist for 35 years, first by the CESA 10 Agency and subsequently Whitnall Public Schools. During his time in public schools he helped many students receive the educational services they needed to succeed. He also had reputation for operating outside of the box, which included sharing a collection of "Ron's Witty or Not so Witty Sayings". His sayings either brightened your day with a smile or motivated you to walk the other way.

During retirement Ron spent his days (harassing his wife) pursuing his many hobbies and interests. He loved the outdoors, the color green, visiting the National Parks, fly fishing, collecting rocks and coins, bird watching, playing sheepshead, laughing with friends. Many of his winter days were filled competing on the Vagabond Ski Race Team. Ron would always quip, that there was no better way a man could have fun going down hill... than on a pair of skis. During the summer months you could find Ron in the trees along the fairways of Deertrak, Naga-Waukee and Autumn Ridge Golf Courses. Nothing softened Ron's heart more than to be welcomed home after a tough day of golf by his little dog, Lucy.

To honor Ron's memory, preserve the beauty of the nature around us and keep humor in your life.