Spence Michael Kelley
January 22, 1953 - August 7, 2022

Spence Kelley was a faithful friend to those he called friend! He said he would protect them to the death and I believe he would!

Spencer served his country in the Special Forces branch of the Marines during the Vietnam War and was one tough, proud American who earned the Bronze Star Medal, and two Purple Heart Medals before his honorable discharge.

He loved his dogs dearly, especially his “Buddy Boy”, but there were many more!

He was an arborist for over 25 years who truly loved his Milwaukee County job! “I planted that” or “we worked on this project” he would proudly exclaim while driving around the Milwaukee area. Spence sincerely appreciated the results of the labor he and God accomplished in making Milwaukee a more beautiful place!

Wind was something Spence knew and understood! His sailboats, WIND DANCER and SUSPENCE, were notorious throughout Lake Michigan ports all along the Wisconsin and Michigan shores! Not only did he enjoy the wind on water but also pavement as he rode his Harley Davidsons! With wind came freedom in Spence’s book!

The love of his life, Linda, was especially key to Spence’s ability to enjoy his earthly experience. She was “there” when he needed her time and time again, and such a loyal mate for forty years. She pointed him to Jesus on his way to Heaven!

Donations to “Tunnels to Towers” or the “Wisconsin Humane Society” are suggested to honor Spencer’s legacy. Thank you!